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Hello Everyone!!!Graduated from University with a major in English Language (MA) & MBA with a major in International Human Resource Management (IHRM). So, it can be said that i am completely "pagan" in the fields of cultivation, breed, biotechnology (biotech) etc.However, the "bloody" youth was deeply ingrained in me (started-up in 1996), as well as

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Hanoi investors visited the model of raising Black soldier flies (BSF) in Go Cong town, Tien Giang

Black Soldier Flies (BSF) raising is one of the breeding models that bring economic value to farmers and investors as well as a direct and indirect way to protect the soil environment, climate and health. consumer health.   BSF Smart Farm is one of the few pioneers in applying this model to produce high-quality products for farming and animal husbandry.   The ancients have a saying: "Natural musk incense". Therefore, investors in Hanoi found out information about Black Soldier Fly (BSF) through the company's official website,   Because investors see great potential and human meaning when learning and wishing to transfer this technology. Business Development Director of Go Cong town branch, Tien Giang enthusiastically guided investors to see a clearer picture of the development path and how to produce Black Soldier Flies (BSF) of the best...

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Dr. Moc Que, the world record holderAdvisor of BSF Biotech R&D CenterDr. Moc Que is the teacher of many generations of Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Public Officials. He...

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We are living in the era of technology, a time when science & technology plays an extremely important role in improving people's quality of life.Biotechnology (Biotech), in...

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Founder’s Message

Hello Everyone!!!Graduated from University with a major in English Language (MA) & MBA with a major in International Human Resource Management (IHRM). So, it can be said...

The importance of microbiological biotechnology (biotechnology) in aquaculture, cultivation, animal husbandry

Vietnam is a developing country aiming for industrialization and modernization, however, agriculture still plays an important role in the economy to ensure food security and export. In order to promote Vietnam's agricultural development towards high quality and sustainability, the application of biotechnology is considered an important tool to help improve the productivity and good characteristics of food products. from animals and plants. One of the goals of Vietnam's biotechnology development in recent years is to create new varieties of plants and animals with high yield, quality and economic efficiency, with good resistance. , effectively serving the needs of economic restructuring, improving the quality and competitiveness of agricultural products. Currently, the application of biotechnology in agriculture is usually done through advanced techniques such as tissue culture, molecular biology and genetic engineering. For cultivation: Biotechnology has been applied in...

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BSF Biotech Center’s leadership visited the cauliflower growing area in Go Cong Dong district, Tien Giang

  In the last month of the year, all vegetable garden owners enthusiastically plant short-term crops to prepare for the market for Tet.   This is also the reason why farmers are upset because using chemical fertilizers will be harmful to consumers and the land. Therefore, BSF Biotech Center has researched a line of clean organic fertilizer, also known as a base fertilizer with the main ingredients from Black Soldier Flies (BSF) for cabbage and cauliflower plants. With the name Bio - Cabbage, this product helps the cabbage to be round and beautiful and prevent pests. Help gardeners have a bountiful planting season. Contributing to the enrichment of the homeland. BSF Smart Farm's leaders had a field trip to the partner's cauliflower growing area in Tan Thanh, Go Cong Dong district, Tien Giang to see the results...

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